The Methodist Church Did Not Respond to My Offer

I do not know if it is because I sound to them like a nut case or if it is because they are fearful of losing their tax status , but St. Johns in Santa Fe never responded. They could have at least said “No”.


notes for a talk

I am james-osbourne; holmes II. 
Why do I write my name that way?  Because I am not a United States citizen/subject slave and I want the presumed masters to know it. 
I often get some information through the Internet  but not not from it. That is an important distinction. 
I was raised attending both Baptist and Methodist churches.  If you want to try and put my beliefs into a box, you can call me a Christian/Buddhist/Neo-Platonic. 
How many of you have driver licenses?
None of you have one.  A Roman law Cesti qui Trust has one. You don’t. That name in all capitol letters on you DL is not you. That is the subject of another discussion. That trust creates great liabilities, until you learn how to use it, and then it creates great benefits. 
How many of you have paid off your mortgage? So you own your home free and clear? 
No, you have only a deed; not a title.  Read it; you are listed as tenant. The bank loaned you nothing.  It charged you interest on money it never loaned.  Your signature created the funds.  The bank deposited that negotiable instrument  into one of it’s accounts and sent some ones and zeros into your mortgage account.  You will pay more that twice the market value of the house for nothing.  Then, using fractional reserve banking, they expanded the note’s value about ten times. 
Do you know who owns your minor children?  A corporation.  There were three parties to your marriage license; the two of you and the state. A license is permission to do something that has otherwise been declared illegal. 
“Legal” and “lawful” are not synonyms.  Legal applies only to artificial entities; like the name on your DL.  
From ancient times there has been one fundamental difference between all people; those born on the land and strangers.
In this Country there are two fundamental classes; freemen and slaves.
How many of you are United States citizens?
You are being treated as property: a slave.  Or better said, you have allowed someone to make a deal with you to be their slave.  You are being treated as a “Person”.  Look up up that definition in all U.S. and NM law; it is a corporate entity; not a living man or woman. 

“Therefore, the U.S. citizens residing in one of the states of the union, are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an “individual entity””, Wheeling Steel Corp. v. Fox, 298 U.S. 193, 80 L.Ed. 1143, 56 S.Ct. 773

Congressional Record: June 13, 1967, pp. 15641-15646—— “A “citizen of the
United States” is a civilly dead entity operating as a co-trustee and co-beneficiary of
the PCT (Public Charitable Trust set up for the welfare of freed plantation slaves in

the wake of the Civil War), the private constructive, cestui que vie trust of US Inc.
under the 14th Amendment, which upholds the debt of the USA and US Inc. in
Section 4.
All men and women are born Sovereign regardless of race or location.  A sovereign is one who has no superior except that of the one intelligence of the universe..what many people call god, and the laws of nature; like the laws of thermodynamics or gravity. This is true regardless of nationality or race or cultural heritage. 
You can never loose this, but it can be denied by tyranny, and presumed  made inactive by making agreements with corporate entities impersonating government. 
A synonym for agreement is the word contract.  You have contracted away your freedom through a variety of contracts of which you are not aware.  The good news is, because you did not voluntarily, knowingly, and will full information and agreement enter into them, they are VOID, from the beginning. There is no statute of limitations on fraud.   
You are being denied of your freedom by both tyranny and contract but the tyranny ends when you point out to them that there is no contract, and notice the corporate frauds masquerading as lawful government.
Donald Trump is CEO of a private, foreign-controlled corporation; nothing more. 
You are all Kings and Queens….but you have no subjects.
You may do whatever you please…and I mean anything you choose…so long as you do not harm another. There is no law for you except God and a jury of your peers. 
The essence of the Common Law is very very simple; Do no harm and keep your word. That’s it. Making that work in the day-to-day world gets a bit complicated, but that is the radix. 
In Common Law, the law of the land, and the law that our nation’s founding document demand be followed, the Judge is only a referee.  He sees that everyone follows the law.  The jury of your peers has all the power.  
In Admiralty, the only law now available to most of us, the Judge…who is technically an administration clerk,
is all powerful, like the master of a ship.
You know you are in a corporate admiralty martial law court when you see the flag that sets the jurisdiction, gold fringed.  
That is an unlawful jurisdiction created during the civil war.  It is named “Special Admiralty”. 
United States citizens, but not the People of the American states, have been under martial law since 1862, and living in a state of emergency, that essentially shuts down the state and national constitutions. Living men and women are still free. 
None of these commercial courts have any jurisdiction over a living man or woman.  They have jurisdiction only over that entity on your DL, or one like it, depending on who created it.   
If you were born in one of the nations of the union…each state is a separate nation, then you were born an American State National.  You were not a United States citizen.  Two things are the cause of you presumed to cause you to become one. 
The birth certificate registration, and the social security application. The real cause is your unknowing acquiescence. 
Since 1994, I have been studying all of this. In my ’70s returned to college and got a two-year AA degree in paralegal studies.  They do not teach law.  They teach corporate statutes and codes, none of which have any authority over the living man or woman. None. Zero. Zip, Nada, Zed. 
In by searches, I recently came across a man who has been more successful than myself in finding the way out of the presumption of corporate citizenship.  He is an aerospace engineer, so obviously not a dummy. 
He has caused many bad actors to loose their position.  When a corporate revenue agent—Let me digress for a moment.
We need sheriffs and cops.  Someone has to do the nasty job of tracking down murderers, thieves  and bunko artists.
I don’t know how much they are paid, but I suspect that it is not what they are due.  Most of them are good men.  As everywhere, there are a few who are not.  
Continuing; When Winninham Glen Fearn occasionally interfaces with a LE Officer,  After he ‘runs a make’ the officer comes to the window and asks, why are you “Red Flagged”.
Something like this comes up on the screen on the officer’s computer:  RED FLAG. DO NOT DETAIN. DO NOT INTERROGATE. LIFETIME CONCEALED CARRY PERMIT. 
This process that I  can show you obligates “the system” to do the same for you, and it does not cost much and it certainly does not require an attorney, who by law, can only represent dead things.
By the way, all attorneys are agents of the Vatican city state.  The other two centers of world power are; The District of Columbia, and the City of London.  The City of London—a different jurisdiction than- Great Britain — is so powerful that the Queen can enter only as a commoner after rapping on a
window on a heavy door and asking for permission to come in.  She may wear no regalia, or she will be immediately beheaded by the Master at Arms. 
I can show you an Affidavit filed in Arizona, the proves attorneys are Vatican agents. 
Affidavits of Truth are a powerful tool that, properly used, can completely bypass attorneys and court but enforce your rights.  An unrebutted affidavit is fact; no court can do anything but enforce it.
Nothing here is about Catholic theology; I am discussing the political side. The Roman Catholic Church and the Universal Catholic Church are two different things.
You cannot do this process out of a cookbook.  You cannot copy someone else’s work, fill in you name and send off the papers. You must first educate yourself to know who you are, and who you are dealing with.  
I can show you educational resources that will teach you what you need to know.
This process is powerful; it works.  It should not be given to those of questionable character.  Therefore, I will not help someone that I believe may not act in honor when given the authority of a sovereign.
For years, I have searched for the silver bullet.  This is it.
Very briefly, the process is:
Obtain an United States of America passport.  It must be filled out in simple, but exacting detail. You are NOT a United States citizen, and once you do the research, you will understand why you will never check that yes box, on any form,  for the rest of your life. It does not matter if you have a previous passport. 
Many people has successfully done this.  I am in process. 
Like the man from whom I learned, I am freely transmitting the information. I will point those people who understand in the direction of detailed instructions.  If you want me to help with the creation of documents associate with this procedure, I may ask for some sort of trade. 
I can also show you to a letter that will remove you from IRS jurisdiction, but that is unnecessary if you do the passport. 
There is a book that I recommend.  It costs about 25 dollars on Amazon.  I have no connection to the author and publisher except for being her student. 
The book is; You Know Something is Wrong…An American Affidavit of Probable Cause. Anna Maria Reitzinger; 
also know as Anna Von Reitz. Her whole name is about a sentence long.  She is married to a man has higher credentials than Queen Elizabeth, but is not a noble tyrant. She is a common law judge, lives in Alaska, and has a business in Albuquerque.
The book is the result of 30 years of research by a large number of people.  At the age of 14, Anna asked the question; “What is the IRS, and how can  they do this?”  I used her citation from Title 26 USC, and wrote a short letter. They were alleging that I owed them about 21 thousand dollars.  I never heard from them after I sent the letter. You will find more of her writings at  History will recognize her as the “Thomas Jefferson” of our time. 
A quick aside; Do you know the definition of a Firearm?  The only definition that is positive law is in Statutes At Large. 
A rifle less than 18 inches overall, a shotgun less than 16 inches overall, a fully automatic weapon; that is a machine gun, and a silencer. 
Only about half of the USC is positive law, even for US citizens.  None of it has any authority over any American State National. 
That book will be, for most of you, as it was for me, the first time that you have seen the truth about America and law.  It is in a sort of comic book format, so that almost anyone can comprehend it. 
I recommend that you read it before beginning any process. 
You are all Kings and Queens; learn to act in your true status.  Accept the authority and the responsibility. 
Do not confuse “liberty” with “freedom”. Liberty is a temporary and conditional freedom granted by a master.  That is why the French Masons who created the statue of an ancient goddess and paced it in our waters named it Liberty, and not Freedom. 
For anyone who chooses to explore these subjects, I will, on request send a mass of links, on a variety of things besides law, including an introduction to the reality of the Secret Space Program, advanced energy and medical technology, and life extension realities that will be released in a couple of years.
“Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
To be expanded and extended..
james-osbourne: holmes II
American State National 
a/k/a: Red Pill Media